Place 6 – Day 29: Rome – Catacombs 

Last night we just relaxed with Alice, Josh & Donny from the US, Paul from the UK, Andras from Canada and Rosa from Argentina! It’s nice to just have some company from different places. 

Today was our day off for the week, so we wanted to go to the catacombs, as it’s shut on Wednesdays which is our normal day off, so we took the opportunity to go! 

It was a 1 hour 14 minute walk to the catacombs and it was a lovely walk! 

It was 27°C today, which took us by surprise and taking jackets wasn’t a good idea! 

The catacombs was only €8 per person and we got a tour in English, which helped to understand what everything was. 

It was a really cool experience, getting to see the burial caves, but the only problem was it was a little rushed. The tour guide was from the Philippines and was very pleasant and funny. 

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos, but we got some of things we saw on the way, such as a pyramid (see below)! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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