Place 6 – Day 27: Rome – They’ve Left

Our friends have left!

Most of our friends have left the hostel now, so it’s quite odd that we’re now back to having no-one here.

Last night, whilst Kim was working, Curtis was chilling and chatting with the same suspects, as well as some German girls and a girl from the US.

Randomly, a beautiful rendition of ‘Oh Canada’ broke out, which Curtis joined in on, which was awesome! The only problem was that it was around 00:00, so we all got told off!

Our friends went off to Trevi Fountain at around 2am, so they could see it in the dark, which is meant to be really awesome.

Curtis watched the Leafs get into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which was awesome!

Curtis may be going onto reception this week, which will be good fun! We think we’ll go to the beach, too.


– Mr and Mrs Hale


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