Place 6 – Day 26: Rome – EPL Playoffs

Curtis felt way better after having a 14 hour sleep last night, and Kim was on the evening shift so she was able to sleep for a bit longer!

It was a standard shift for Curtis today, other than having a room covered in blood because someone cut their head open on a night out!

Curtis was able to find a good amount of change today, which was a result! €1.25!

Curtis purchased the EPL Playoffs stream, so was able to watch the 8-3 win for MK and the 3-2 loss for the Bison.

2 more games tomorrow, the U20s (may not be able to watch because work) and the final between MK and Telford.

Tonight, there is more important leafs to watch, and some relax time with our Canadian and American friends!


– Mr and Mrs Hale


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