Place 6 – Day 25: Rome – mini-parties!

Today, work was the same times as yesterday, Curtis in the morning and Kim in the evening.

Last night, we spent most of the evening and night having a laugh with a large group of us, from all over the world!

We had Canadians, Americans, British, Australian, Kiwi and at one point, Romanian!

It was nice to, again, be social and just sit around chatting, finding out about others and having a laugh! It’s what traveling is all about!

Curtis stayed up until 5am watching hockey with a guy from Pittsburgh, but Curtis then had to get up at 6:30/7 for work!

As a result, he felt awful today, and had a 4 hour nap after work, and then woke up for about an hour, showered and went to bed! Hopefully, he’ll be better tomorrow, as work was definitely a struggle for him today!

Kim made some lovely pasta for lunch, and had some pesto pasta for dinner, too!

We were given free rolls with Ham and Cheese in today, and found some free cereal and an orange! Win Win!


– Mr and Mrs Hale


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