Place 6 – Day 22: Rome – Thunder & Lightning 

Work was busy for Curtis… 66 people checked out today! He had to tend to pretty much every room, which was nice as it made time go fast! 

Kim met a Danish couple yesterday and Curtis was introduced to them, but after yesterday’s 12 hour work, I decided I couldn’t be bothered with Danish, which was a shame. 

After work today we went for a walk, and saw some nice random buildings. 

Unfortunately, it started raining, as well as Thunder and lightning.. So nice little thunderstorm! We were wearing trousers, but no jackets! Let’s say it was a little wet! 
We’re now back to the hostel, and we’re going to have some pasta and relax. 

Plus, day off tomorrow! We have a few ideas as to what we’ll do, but first off, sleeping is the plan! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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