Place 6 – Day 19: Rome – Walks 

Today, Kim ran a free walk with some of the customers from the hostel! 

This walk is currently free, but is being trialed and if it gets good enough, it will be charged for and Kim will get a share of the money! 

Kim did the walk around Rome for about 3.5 hours, which was nice for the customers. They have given good feedback, but no tips… Unfortunately! 

Curtis’ cleaning day is getting a little busier, which is good as it helps the work go by quicker! 

Kim was clearly tired, as she fell asleep after work for a small nap! 

We popped to the shop to buy some chicken for dinner (and some dessert!). 

Tonight will just be a relax night, which we haven’t really done for a few days, as we’ve gone out for walks etc. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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