Place 6 – Day 17: 6 Year Anniversary 

Wow..6 years! 

Today, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary!

We started with work, which Kim didn’t realise she had in the morning, so she was a smidge late! 

After work, we went for a long walk with the owner of the hostel, as we’re hopefully going to be doing a walk of Rome with customers of the hostel (and getting tips!). 

After this, we went to have dinner to celebrate, at a restaurant we went to previously. It was lovely! Lasagne and Carbonara!

We had a nice glass of wine together, and had a chat with a lovely English mother and son for a while, which was nice to do. 

We went to we he supermarket to buy some tiramasu ice cream and cookies (as well as some beer!) to continue our celebrations.

We’ve just had a cappuccino, and then we’ll be relaxing with a beer! 

Nice chilled day. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale  

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