Place 6 – Day 14: Rome – Free liquor, Healthy Food & Awesome Views

Work was usual. We did that today. 

After work, we decided to go for a walk to the Spanish Steps (in Italy?). This was a nice long walk, in weather that actually seemed to be much nicer than we thought. 

We arrived at the Spanish Steps, we stayed for a bit and just watched the world and looked at the views. Around the Spanish Steps area was a nice park that, last time we were here, we drove around in a golf cart, and we walked around there, taking in the views and having a laugh! 

We found a shop that was offering free liquor tasting, which included Limoncello, peach and chocolate flavours! We fancied the Limoncello, so we bought some cheap stuff from a supermarket! 

Once we did this, we found a not very well known healthy food chain for some salads, also known as a Big Chicken Bucket from McDonald’s. 
For dessert is tiramasu ice cream with cookies! Nice and healthy food day today! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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