Place 6 – Day 12: Rome – Saturday Work?!

Today, we had to work, on a Saturday!

Curtis was cleaning, usual 8-3 (normally actually 8-2!). Kim is working 3-11 (at the moment!)

Kim made lunch, it was pasta, some tomato-based sauce, salad and cheese! Very nice!

We have found out that we have a day off on Monday, and Curtis spoke with the owner today about getting to do something different, and he said that will probably happen next week, so hopefully on Tuesday, Curtis is working night reception (11-7).

Curtis will need to do some cleaning tomorrow, and Kim is doing the normal, apparently Kim will be on the 3-11 again all next week, so we’ll see what happens!

We went for a nice walk last night and just looked around.

We can’t go out today, not that we would anyway, as there is a lot of marches/protests going on regarding the EU as a lot of EU Prime Ministers are in Rome today for some sort of celebration, and people that are against it are marching.

Banks have been boarded up to avoid damage and the metro has been closed, things like that have been done, so it sounds like sitting inside is the best thing to do!


– Mr and Mrs Hale


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