Place 6 – Day 10: Rome – New Room! 

Whilst we both did the same work today, we’ve had a plus of being moved to our own room! 

Before, we were sharing a VERY small room with 2 others, and it was a little tight and there was nowhere to store our bags, or even move! 

One of the other staff members said this was not right, so this evening we have moved to a 4 bed room (2 x bunk beds) all to ourselves! It’s a shared bathroom, but currently no one else is on our floor, so no problems there! Again, not the best of rooms, but at least we can move and we have some space to ourselves. 

One more floor to walk up, though! 

We’ve not received any indication as to any changes in work schedules, so we are both continuing doing what were doing before (Curtis cleaning and Kim on reception & writing articles), both starting at 8am, after our free breakfast! 

Free meals today included;

For Kim;

– Spicy Pasta. 

For Curtis;

– A meatloaf-type-thing wrapped in Parma ham with lettuce and bread. 

Tonight’s plan is to treat ourselves and after a homemade pasta dish, we’re going to go out for ice cream as we’ve been able to save a lot of money due to the work/sleep/food arrangement! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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