Place 6 – Day 8: Rome – Free Breakfast & Nothingness 

Free breakfast was on the cards this morning! The same as the other morning, but free! 

We needed to start work at 8am, so we were up in time to get there for some breakfast and then start work! 

We both did the same for work today, Curtis was cleaning and Kim was writing articles on the reception desk. 

The day was 8 hours for Kim, but 6/7 for Curtis, even though there was only 7 rooms to clean! Most of the rest of the time was spent relaxing which was odd and fairly boring. 

Kim had to write some articles, one of which has been published and can be seen on our Facebook page! 

We were provided with some free lunch, which was a pea and ham omelett-Type-Thing, which was super tasty! This included some potato wedges and salad. 

We went for a little strole after dinner, seeing some nice buildings including the Trevi fountain. 

For dinner tonight, it’s chicken & pesto pasta made by Kim, and then Kim is working at 3pm-11pm on reception tomorrow, whilst Curtis is ‘cleaning’, from 8am.

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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