Place 6 – Day 7: Rome – First Day & Free food! 

Today, we had to meet with the owner of the hostel to discuss us working. We were asked to meet him at 10am, so we got up early enough to had some breakfast and watch the world go by for a bit. Our breakfast, or though not free today, was what is classed as an ‘italian’ breakfast, consisted of:

  • A croissant (Inc. Flavoured ones!) 
  • A cappuccino 
  • An orange juice

Kim had a chocolate croissant and Curtis had a jam croissant. Tomorrow (and for the next few weeks) this will be free! 

For the first day, Curtis was cleaning and Kim was writing articles for a website. 

Curtis was basically just cleaning windows, which isn’t too bad, considering the perks we get and we only worked for 3 hours! 

Kim’s articles needed to be about different places around the world, so Kim wrote about;

  • Barcelona 
  • Bergen
  • Victoria 
  • London

Kim wasn’t sure on how well she did with this, but is meeting with the owner tomorrow to see if it is good! 

We are starting at  8 tomorrow morning, so nice and early, but free breakfast! We are as of now unsure what tomorrow holds, but we shall see! 

Tonight, we had our first free meal! Kim had a ceasar salad and Curtis a Lasagne! We also got sourdough bread to dip into oil & balsamic vinegar! 

Life’s good, eh? 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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