Place 6 – Day 6: Rome – The sights 

Today, we walked around and saw some of the sights. 

Obviously, having been to Rome before, we’ve seen most of the sights, but it is still nice to just bimble around and take in the sights.

It’s odd today, as we have had some rain and the sky is overcast, which we aren’t used to right now!

After walking around, we bought some food for this evening and in about 1 hour we are meeting with the Hostel owner to discuss terms (and hopefully he confirms that we can work therr) for our work at the hostel! 

In other news, Kim met a 2 month old husky and we made hot chocolate with a chocolate bar and hot milk! More of that tonight. 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

4 Replies to “Place 6 – Day 6: Rome – The sights ”

  1. Yes Kim does love her chocolate, takes after me in that regard. Glad you have found work. Take care and enjoy. Love to you both. Aunty Linda


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