Place 6 – Day 5: A change of plan

Today, we awoke around 8:30 to start another day of work! 

We were unsure what we would be doing, and we ended up doing some more cleaning, along with maintenance along with lugging everything around the place. All a bit weird! 

We decided at lunch time to speak with the other place that we had a partial offer from, and see if the owner was in. 

The owner was not in, but the receptionist who we had spoken to in the past was there and offered us a trial! 

We will start Monday but stay from tomorrow, so have paid for a night at the same place, which was on deal luckily! 

Curtis managed to drop his phone and smash the screen, though it still works, we think we’ll need to go get that fixed as it’s rather irritating. 

We left the previous place, had some lunch and made our way to the next place, en route we went to get some laundry done, which was entertaining! 

We came back after the wash was done to decide what can be dried, and the staff in the shop told us it should be €10, but we paid €15!

Turns out, Kim is scary when she’s angry! Luckily, Kim’s perseverance paid off and we got our €5 back! 

Tomorrow, we will do some relaxing, check into our new room (in the staff dorms) and then get ready to work Monday! 

Also, we are able to get free breakfast each day and a free meal each day!! Saving all the money. 

Kim made an awesome make-shift clothes line, too! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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