Place 6 – Day 4: Rome – Work, work, work, work, work, work

Work begins! 

Today, we started work at a hostel, though we are still unsure if we are going to be staying, though we have a free bed for tonight! 

We’re currently being put up in a 4 bed dorm with a bathroom. 

The work we have been doing is cleaning and maintenance work, which has been okay, though it’s been, and seems that it may be the whole time, just watching really! 

There is no specific plan, which is frustrating, and we’d like to be on a private room, really. 

We’re going to another place tomorrow which seems much nicer and we’ve been looking at for a few days, which has seemed very promising, so we will see what comes from that! If we get that we’ll be here for ~6 weeks. 

We are doing 5 hours a day of work at the moment, which is not bad, but we don’t get breakfast or even have a kitchen we can cook in! 

Hopefully, things will get better for tomorrow! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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