Place 2 – Day 7: Barcelona – Gothic Quarter & Sunsets

Today, we had the goal of going to the Gothic Quarter, and then to a mountain to see the sunset! 

First off, we needed to go to CeX again to return our SD card for a micro SD, so the gopro works! 

We made our way from CeX to the Gothic Quarter. We actually managed to stumble across it, as we were unsure where to go, and we managed to find it by accident! 

After much more walking, we went back to the hill we went to the other day and setup the GoPro for a time lapse of the sunset. 

It seems we are not too good at using a gopro, as it didn’t seem to work to well! We sat there quite cold for a couple of hours, but it was very nice to chill, with a homemade sandwich and snacks! 

Tomorrow, we get on a bus for 9 hours to travel to the next place… Where will it be? 

We will be posting a photo to see if you can guess, when we get on the bus! This will be on our Facebook Page. 

Now, we’re making sandwiches for the travel, and packing everything then we’ll be done! 

Until tomorrow, goodnight! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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