Place 2 – Day 5: Barcelona – Tibidabo

Today, we put our walking shoes to the test! We walked up Tibidabo to get to the Temple on the top…It was a LOT longer of a walk than we thought! 

In total, we walked for about 6 hours straight. It was good fun, though, with a lot of great views! We walked up dirt tracks (because it’s more fun that way!) and eventually made it to the temple on the top, only to find out that we couldn’t take the cable car down as it was closed for the day! So, we had to stroll all the way back down the mountain, that being said, it was great fun, and a good workout for our shoes, which withstood the test! 

What a beautiful day it was, too! We had lovely beaming sun, with about 20-22 degrees heat! Though a lovely day, would not  recommend doing a lot of walking and climbing mountains in that heat! 

In other news, we booked our next place! This will be revealed in a short while! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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