Place 2 – Day 3: Barcelona – Walking

Relaxing walking was on the schedule today, as well as a look around the Art museum, as it’s free after 3pm on Saturdays! 

We left the room at about 12pm and stopped off in a cafe for a coffee, though it was good fun explaining what an Americano/Black Coffee was! 

After this, we decided to get lunch…found a place we know well! 

Once we ate, we headed off through town and just kept walking! There are a lot of large buildings here in Barcelona, and a lot of cool looking buildings! See a couple below and more on our Facebook page! 

We found an IKEA,but decided not to enter,  as it was Saturday so very busy! 

We turned back and walked through town, and then headed to the museum for our free entry! Turns out, art museums are not too interesting, so we left that and made our way home. 

Tonight we’ve got not much planned, but need to look into and potentially book our next place, which we will be moving on to Thursday! We have some ideas! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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