Place 2 – Day 2: Barcelona – All the things! 

This morning, after a long night of traveling, we woke up and decided we needed to go for a shop! 

After finding a local supermarket, we did our should for what should be 3-4 days, costing just the equivalent of £12! 

We found some cheap croissants, €1 for 2, and ate those for breakfast. 
After breakfast, we went for a walk to find the Olympic park. Just the Olympic park…This soon changed! 

We walked past the Art Museum and found the Olympic park, which was awesome with great views of Barcelona. 

After the Olympic park we found another park which again had great views of the city, but also some nice areas within it. We kept seeing parrots in the area too, which was strange! 

We managed to… ‘borrow’… Some oranges from a nearby tree, too! 

Now we’re back making dinner in the apartment, planning what we will do tomorrow. We may go for a walk later, too! 
We’d also like to introduce a new feature which will take place on our Facebook page (Click ‘Social Media’ link at top of page) which will be called ‘Phrase of the Day’. This will be a phrase in the language of the country we are in! Be sure to check that out. 

Also, another notice to please remember to check out our photos on Facebook also. You can click the ‘Photos’ menu at the top of the page, which will take you there! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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