Place 1 – Day 9: Lanzarote – Volcanoes & Camels! 

Today, we decided we would go to the volcanoes! 

We took the #60 bus to Yaiza, thinking it was close to the National Park…It was not! 

After a brief walk, we noticed it was much farther than anticipated, and it was along a large road, so decided against it. We walked along a gravel footpath amidst all of the volcanic rock for much longer than we expected to! We were not sure of our goal, should that be get to the volcanoes? Get halfway? We ended up continuing for quite a while until we came across an army of camels! 

We walked back at this point, having been walking for what must have been at least an hour. 

Once we arrived back into the town, we had to wait for 45 minutes for the bus, so decided that lunch was a good idea. Finding a cafe near the bus stop so we could ensure the bus doesn’t arrive, we sat down and ate some chicken nuggets and chips between us, because they’re healthy! 

We popped to the shop next door and bought a drink and some tape.. Which I’m sure was a strange combination. The tape is needed for travel, just to clarify. 

Once the bus arrived (15 minutes late!) we arrived back to Arrecife around 16:00, just enough time to head to the beach one last time, and dip our feet! Apparently, this week is also full of carnivals, as another is going on tonight! We’re going to stay in, eat our hotdogs and pack for tomorrow’s travels! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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