Place 1 – Day 8: Lanzarote – Destination decided! 

We have booked our next destination! Though it’s booked, and the odd person knows, we’re not going to disclose it. You will see when we are there! Isn’t that exciting?! 

We have booked a week somewhere, and we leave on Thursday evening. We’re finding it weird that we’re flying, but not back to the UK, to another location. It feels pretty surreal, but we’re looking forward to it. 

This morning, we took a walk with the host of our accommodation to the hospital, so that Kim could get her final vaccination for hepatitis. This proved to be more difficult than we thought as they will not do it unless we bring the medicine itself, which we need a prescription for! We think we will do this in Barcelona. 

After this, we popped to Hyperdino (Supermarket) to purchase some food for the next 2 nights here, and then took a stroll back to the room and relaxed. 

Once we got bored of sitting still, we went to Lidl for some binbags! What a fun purchase!! 

We went to the beach after this, and, in the spirit of pancake day, we each had a crepe! 

Then, we had a stroll on the beach for a while, including some handstands from Kim, and then decided we fancied some beverages, so bought two cans of beer for 0.94€!!

Hotdogs for dinner for the next two days, then we’re off to the next location! 

-Mr & Mrs Hale 


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