Place 1 – Day 6: Lanzarote – Chill & Eat! 

Last night, we decided to curl up and watch Moana. Not a bad film. 

We woke up today at 12:30pm! Clearly it was needed. We decided to relax for a little, and headed out for a walk at 2:30.

During our walk, we decided that we wanted some food, and so thought we would head back and eat.. Until.. 

We found the Arrecife Marina.  The marina is beautiful, with many boats docked, nice surroundings nd blue glistening water. 

We had seen a Burger King sign yesterday, and had vowed that we would not visit.. But it just had to be done! Treating ourselves, eh? 
We had to walk for a while to find the burger king, as the signs were not too helpful, but we did find it and the walk was long, so the meal was deserved! 

Tomorrow, we’re up at a decent time to venture to Playa Blanca for job and accommodation hunting! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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