Place 1 – Day 5: Lanzarote – Carnival!

Last night it was pasta again for dinner, but how lovely it was, thanks to Kim’s handy work! 

Carnival!! We had the carnival today, and what good fun that was! There was people dressed up everywhere, there was 2 stages with acts singing (normally in Spanish), groups of people dressed in different costumes parading around, banging drums and singing. It was incredible. Way better than an English carnival! 

We were given some free food, not sure what it was, but it was like a pancake. We visited the ‘€1 tapas’ tents and understood nothing and could barely get to them, so ended up having just a pork bun! 

We had a few beach walks and also sat with a beer on the beach and drank those, until we walked to Lidl (Again!) for some dinner, which is cooking now! 

Today has been a bit more outgoing, been out for around 5/6 hours, now looking forward to having some dinner and relaxing! Tomorrow is a relaxing Sunday and then Monday we are off to Playa Blanca for some job searching! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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