Place 1 – Day 3: Lanzarote – A parrot?! 

Last night, Kim made a lovely dinner, consisting of Pasta, pasta sauce, cheese and ham. Actually pretty good! 

Today, we are both feeling a little better,  so we wanted to take a chilled stroll around the place, see what we can find! 

We walked and found what seems to be the main street in Arrecife, on which we stopped for a drink, where we saw some men removing stones from around a tree, and Kim continued her trend of being a magnet for getting drinks spilled on her, as she got a glass of Fanta spilled on her! 

We found an awesome fort, which we took a look around and walked around on the volcanic Ash around the fort! 

After this, we walked a little more, and found the location if a carnival that will be taking place in 2 days, looks like it will be fun, so we’re going to pop down to that! 

Next, we stopped at a shop to purchase some water (by the way, beer is cheaper!!), and then made the walk back to the house, and on our way back, we spotted a parrot on a man’s shoulder… A parrot.. How random, though awesome! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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